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  We Are the fun peace-makers<3<3 <3 sweet sweet world <3
hi, we are futuredreamers peacemakers

and we love peace on earth

PEACE ON EARTH, love, happy, fun, smile, creative, sunshine, swimming, dreaming, flowers, light, sweet, jump in happyness, running around very happy and smiling and looking at flowers and other peoples smiles, and rainbows, what a wonderful view, somebody is dancing, very many actually, everybody is happy, there are sooo much nice things in the world, peace, and perfect harmony, and love in the heart and friendships and dreaming of good things, and sun all day, and happy smiles even from the animals because they have such nice nature around them, what a wonderful world, everybody is sooo happy, more than ever, and this is very nice, everybody is making hearts and smiles at papers and giving to eachother, what a wonderful world, and it belongs to everybody, we all are in a good mood in the future, just relax and make happiness, and smiling, and really really relaxing !peace.
This is our website. If you want to be one of us, write us an email.

This is a peace story:

Once upon a time there was a place, a normal civilization on a planet, and everybody was bored of a normal life with everything just as normal, and people wanted something different, something new, something fantastic. Then a young man said: "why do not we invent peace? You ever heard of peace before? It is the new thing!". And then he invented peace, and all the world all over the place it was peace and flowers and happines and smiles and all people shaked hands and danced and jumped up and said "PEACE IS TRUE, PEACE IS POSSIBLE, PEACE IS REAL, BECAUSE NOW WE HAVE PEACE ON OUR PLANET FOREVER!". And then everybody was happy forever. With peace in their heart.

how can we make peace on earth ? One idea I got when I was living on the street for 3 month - not avilable to do anything - was that I could at least just smile! Even if I was little sad inside, but smile outside makes it little better. It shows people that you are at least trying the best you can. So show people your best smile. It helps. And to those of you who have lots of money: don't be to busy with your money, try to not forget also to do practical things, like for example give people a hug now and then. You can not buy peace for money, but a single hug can heal 1000 tears

a peace poem:

The world is a place
where people like a smiling face
peace is a nice thing
it is like a good dream
like rainbows and hearts
where everybody get new starts
you can be so happy you want, give it a try
you will feel like you could fly
just smile and close your eyes and say:

"I want Earth to be a peaceful place
where people like a smiling face"

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