Chapter 1. Conflict 1.
The Street of Beijing. LOVE! START GAME

Daniel had made his own music. He was realy exited when he was invited to China to a music producer, Wignir.
"What do you have to offer?", Wignir asked.
Silence in the room. Daniel is realy shy. He ate some peanuts while Wignir waited.
"They told me you have got some new music, you kid. What do you have to offer?", Wignir said.
He looked at Daniel's shoes. Red.
"I don't know, I want to be famous.", Daniel said, and nodded.
Wignir didn't like his attitude... selfish little kid traveling from north Europe to China....
trying to be funny, trying to be somebody....
"You.... get out of my office before I call the POLICE!!", Wignir said.
"...or the mental hospital... because you are MENTAL!!!!", Wignir said.
That was just a normal day in Wignir's office. That was Daniel's rejection, and he had no money.

3 minutes later.
So Daniel was of to the street of Beijing.
All he want is to find his way back to London. He reach his first conflict,
the conflict is the street of Beijing. It is dangerous, and he need to find his way!
Into a house without making trouble with the Police. It is too windy to stay outside,